Printing and folding inserts of all kinds and sizes

Looking for a reliable partner for designing, printing and folding your insert? We’ll be glad to support you in your choice of paper, printing and folding method.With expertise, tailoring and a guarantee of quality, you’ll find an insert here that fits your product like a glove. 

Printing inserts
You can’t have a product without a clear insert. It contains important product information or directions for use.

With our specialist view, we’ll be glad to share in your thinking on printing your insert with the right paper thickness, printing techniques and an efficient use of colour in Pantone or CMS. That’s how we’ll provide you time and time again with an easily legible insert that’s a perfect fit for your product.

Anything is possible

  • From monochrome to full colour
  • Single-sided or double-sided 
  • Digital or offset
  • Various sizes and paper

Folding inserts
After printing, we’ll fold your insert into the desired final size using modern parallel folding machines. That way, your insert will fit inside the intended packaging like a glove. 

In doing so, we will of course take account of your preferences, such as the position of the logo or the image, suitable for any size of packaging.

Supply your file, we’ll do the rest
Do you not have a ready-made design yet? Or would you like to know what else could be done? Then we’ll be glad to share in your thinking to turn your design into reality.

Supply us your file and we’ll do the rest. Eticolor can turn the texts you supply into the right format, in the right style and in your chosen layout.

Best thing: everything under one roof

One of the best things about us is our fully in-house production.

  • The answers you’re looking for right away.
  • Save time and money on both your insert and your cardboard folding box.
Shall we create a design together? 

Leave the production of your insert to us with peace of mind. You can rely on our packaging specialists’ expert advice and efficient approach.
Ask us about all the possibilities for sizes, paper types, printing, folding or complete tailored design for your product, with no obligation.